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Boiler Installations Leeds

When your dependable boiler unexpectedly bids its final farewell, often in the dead of winter, it sparks a desperate search for warmth. You're caught off guard and find yourself yearning for the warm embrace of your central heating and the decadent comfort of a hot shower.

Navigating the complex world of boiler purchasing and installation, on the other hand, is a daunting task fraught with potential pitfalls. Hasty decisions or overlooked installation details can leave your wallet reeling.

HiPro Heating boiler installations in Leeds

are your ray of hope on this difficult journey.

Your home's boiler may not be meeting your genuine needs, and trust us when we say that basing your decision on a hastily completed online survey could send your finances down a dangerous path.

What is our foundation?

A team of fully qualified, gas safe registered engineers based in Yorkshire's heartland, Wakefield.

Our reach, on the other hand, stretches from Leeds to Sheffield, across to York, or Harrogate, gracing Castleford, and Pontefract.


For emergency boiler installations we're just a phone call away, ready to transform your heating woes into a tale of cosy, worry-free warmth. 

Call 07307  608064

New Boilers Supplied & Fitted From £1200 in Leeds area by our local engineers.

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 Baxi Platinum Combi

Think of the following considerations:

How do you use your hot water?

For example, do you frequently require hot water for more than one tap or shower head at the same time?

Do you have a pumped-power shower or

do you intend to get one?

A combi boiler has many advantages, such as saving space in the loft or airing cupboard, but it is not usually compatible with a shower that has a powerful electric pump. If you do decide to install a combi boiler, you will have to remove the pump from your shower.

Do your hot water needs vary throughout the year?

 If you have family or friends over frequently, such as at Christmas or parties or if you have a large family.

What home improvements do you have in mind?

If you intend to add an extension, loft conversion or solar panels, or if you intend to install a new bathroom or under-floor heating, your installer will need to know.

Do you have any issues with your system?

Consider any concerns or performance issues you have with your current system and tell us about them.


What brand of boiler are you looking for?

The reliability of boilers varies greatly by brand, with the worst being more than three times more likely to fail in the first six years than the best.

"Mike came to service our boiler today. Very quick response time, friendly, polite, very knowledgeable about product and efficient. Reasonably priced too"

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Boiler Installations in

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