Unvented Cylinders, Thermal Stores & Electric Boilers.

Unvented hot water cylinders use the mains water supply for its water requirements. One of the benefits of the unvented system is that this type of cylinder does not require a cold water storage tank in the loft. This can help save a lot of space. This type of cylinder is commonly found used with system boilers or by immersion heaters only on an electric system (typically in city centre apartments).

Sometimes referred to as electric boilers, immersion tanks, hot water tanks or water heaters.  These require servicing annually to check and maintain the condition of the safety devices fitted, as pressurised stored hot water must meet strict regulations.


This type of system can be used in most homes, although if the mains water pressure flow rate is very low then it may not be appropriate. They cost more than the vented cylinder type but are more energy efficient and last longer because they are made from stainless steel and not copper.

It is always important to have an unvented hot water system installed and serviced by a qualified professional. HiPro Heating are qualified unvented cylinder engineers (G3 qualified) who can offer a range of unvented cylinders to suit any property type, typically with a 25 year warranty.

Popular Models that we either install or service include;

  • Megaflo by Heatre Sadia (Part of the Baxi Group).

  • All Kingspan unvented cylinders & thermal stores.

  • All Range unvented cylinders & thermal stores such as the Range Flomax.

  • Telford unvented cylinder & thermal stores.

  • OSO unvented cylinders.

  • RM unvented cylinder.

  • Joule unvented cylinder.

  • Gledhill unvented cylinders, Boilermate 2000 & Electromate.

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