Boiler Installations

Buying a new boiler tends to be a decision that most people need to make in a hurry. Usually, your old boiler has broken down, it's the depths of winter and you need to get your hot water and central heating restored to its former working glory.


Unfortunately, buying a new boiler and getting it installed can be a bit of a minefield of big decisions. Choose a unreliable boiler or make the wrong decision about part of the installation, and it's a mistake you and your bank balance will later regret. 


HiPro Heating are here to help you make the right decision, the system you have may not be the system that best suits your needs.  So getting an online quote that you have surveyed yourself maybe a costly mistake.

We cover all of Yorkshire, based in Wakefield we have easy access to Leeds, Sheffield, York, Harrogate, Castleford and Pontefract.

New Boilers Supplied & Fitted From £1200 in the Yorkshire area by our local engineers.

Have a think about the following questions:

How do you use your hot water?

For example, do you regularly need hot water to more than one tap or shower head at once?

Do you have a pumped power shower, or have plans for one in the future?

Changing to a combi boiler can have many benefits, such as space-saving in the loft or airing-cupboard, but this type of boiler is not usually compatible with a shower that has a powerful electric pump. So if you do decide to get a combi boiler, you will have to ditch the pump on your shower.

Does your hot water requirements change throughout the year?

So do say if you regularly have family or friends stay over - such as at Christmas or parties.

What home improvements are you planning?

Your installer will need to know if you're thinking about adding an extension, loft conversion or solar panels, or if you think you might install a new bathroom or under-floor heating.

Are you having any problems with your system?

Take the time to think about any concerns or performance issues you have with your current system, and tell us about them.


What brand of boiler do you want?

The reliability of boilers varies wildly by brand, with the worst more than three times as likely to break down in the first six years compared with the best.