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Tepeo Zero Emission Boiler

The future of heating is clean, green, and economical. The award-winning Zero Emission Boiler is transforming the way we heat our homes.

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Meet ZEB the Zero Emission Boiler

How does the ZEB work?

The ZEB by Tepeo is fueled by electricity and functions like a battery, storing energy as heat until it is needed. Electric heating components charge up a "core" inside the ZEB, storing a large amount of energy in a small space.

When your thermostat alerts it, the patented heat-management system cleverly distributes the heat to your radiators, underfloor heating, and water tank.

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The Zero Emission Boiler by Tepeo (ZEB) offers various advantages over normal gas boilers:

  • Zero Emissions: It makes use of electric power, hence minimal carbon generation and pollution around you.

  • Smart Charging: Optimises charging based on energy tariffs and grid carbon intensity, lowering costs and emissions.

  • Combine with renewables: Use power from solar panels or other sources.

  • Easy to look after: Can be kept in good condition with assistance of maintenance programs.

  • Easy Installation: Works with the current heating systems.

  • Energy Storage: It behaves like a battery, storing heat for further use.

  • Cost Efficiency: Charging at off-peak times leads to lower energy bills.

  • User Control: Accessible via a mobile application for user-friendly adjustments and monitoring.

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