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Landlord / Homeowner Gas Safety Certificates Wakefield Leeds

Gas Safety Records & Certificates Information

Gas combi

Having A New Appliance Fitted?

If you need some helpful advice on the procedure you will go through if you are having a new gas appliance installed.

domestic dwelling

Selling or buying a new home

What gas safety factors should you take into account when purchasing a new home? 


Renting a new property

It's crucial to understand your legal options with relation to gas safety if you're a landlord or tenant. 

If you are renting out a property in Wakefield, Leeds, or the UK for that matter you’re legally obliged to have a gas safety check carried out by a suitably qualified and registered engineer.

The engineer will record the details of the check on a Landlord Gas Safety Record form (also known as a CP12 Certificate in the trade) with copies for you and your tenants.

Even if your tenants don’t use gas, if there’s a live supply to your property, it’ll need to be checked.


When should I arrange a gas safety check?

You’ll need to have the gas installations on your rental property checked every year. This should be some time in the 10th to 12th month following the previous year’s check.

If you have the check completed earlier or later than this 10- to 12-month window, your next check should still be carried out 12 months from the current one.

What paperwork should I receive following a gas safety check?

Your gas engineer will give you a copy of your Gas Safety Record form, which will include the results of tests they’ve carried out on the gas appliances in your property.

You’ll also need to give your tenants a copy. For new tenants, they’ll need to receive it before they move in, whereas existing tenants need to receive a copy within 28 days of the check being carried out.

How do I get a gas safety certificate?

You can get a gas safety certificate, or gas safety record form, by booking an appointment with HiPro Heating on 0333 577 6747 or

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