Mixergy Smart Unvented Hot Water Cylinders

The Mixergy tank is a premium stainless steel cylinder designed to optimise energy consumption, improve utilisation of renewable energies and enable intelligent control over water usage. Cylinders can be configured as open-vented or pressurised, can heat with all conventional and renewable heat sources. Internet connectivity means the Mixergy tank is primed for users to benefit from dynamic Time of Use tariffs.

Unlike conventional hot water tanks which heat all or nothing, Mixergy’s novel top-up technology enables you to selectively heat what you need.


Compared to a conventional cylinder, Mixergy achieves:


- Usable hot water delivered up to 5x faster

- Up to 5-20% savings on hot water bills

- Up to 30% more usable hot water delivered

- Increased utilisation of PV within the household

- EST Verified to reduce gas consumption by up to 21%

- Voice control (using Google Assistant or Alexa)

- Visibility of state of charge (know how much water you have at any time)

- Air and Ground source heat pump ready