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Baxi Boilers Prices: A Comprehensive Guide

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Are you thinking about installing a Baxi boiler as you look to replace your heating system? Don't look elsewhere! In order to help you choose the best boiler for your home, we will provide you a thorough overview of Baxi boilers and their costs in this post.

In the boiler sector, Baxi is a well-known brand that provides a variety of dependable and effective boilers for residential use.

Their boilers come with a variety of features to match your unique demands and are made to fit the needs of various home types. Baxi has a solution for you whether you're searching for a combi boiler, system boiler, or a standard boiler.

Baxi combi boilers

Baxi Boiler Types

Boilers from Baxi come in three different categories: combi, system, and regular.

Let's examine each category and its characteristics in more detail:

Combi Boilers

A combi boiler is a convenient and efficient substitute that provides both heating and hot water.. These boilers are well-liked for their convenient installation and space-saving design.

Baxi combi boilers are suitable for small to medium-sized houses because they come in a variety of sizes and outputs. They also provide hot water direct from the cold water mains supply with no need for a cylinder in an airing cupboard allowing a small radiator to be fitted and allowing your airing cupboard much more space.

System Boilers

Homes with numerous bathrooms or a high demand for hot water are excellent candidates for system boilers. System boilers, as opposed to combi boilers, store hot water within a Mains fed cylinder. The cylinder like a combi draws water from the cold water main and provide high pressure hot water to the household.

Heat Only Boilers

For residences with separate hot water storage tanks, regular boilers, sometimes referred to as conventional boilers, are a typical choice. They are a good alternative for individuals searching for a dependable and efficient heating system and are frequently installed in homes with high hot water demands or a low pressure mains water supply.

Baxi Boiler Prices

The type of boiler, size, and features are just a few of the variables that will affect how much a Baxi boiler will cost. A Baxi combi boiler can cost anywhere from £800 to £2000, a system boiler from £800 to £1700, and a standard boiler from £700 to £1500.

It is significant to note that the price of a Baxi boiler does not include installation fees but and any potential costs for extra parts or accessories. It is always preferable to seek an estimate from a Baxi Accredited installer if you are unsure of the price.

Approximate guide prices


In conclusion, homeowners wishing to upgrade their heating system may consider Baxi, who have manufactured boilers since 1866 as a dependable and effective solution. Every home's demands can be met by a Baxi boiler thanks to the variety of boiler types available. Though Baxi boiler prices can range, it's crucial to think about the long-term advantages of a high-quality heating system and to spend money on a boiler that will provide you peace of mind for many years to come.



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