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Underfloor Heating Leeds, UK

Underfloor Heating Leeds

Experience the ultimate comfort with Leeds' Premier
Wet Underfloor Heating Solutions from HiPro Heating.

Are you looking to give your living areas the best possible warmth and comfort?

With a promise of comfort that goes beyond standard heating systems, HiPro Heating offers the best wet underfloor heating solutions in Leeds.

Personalised Underfloor Heating Options for Each Project

HiPro Heating is an expert in offering customised heating and underfloor heating solutions, which include water underfloor heating systems, that are made to meet the particular needs of every project. Our skilled team is prepared to precisely and effectively handle your demands, whether you're starting from scratch, doing renovations, trying to heat rooms upstairs, or only needing heating solutions for specific areas.

Smooth integration and peak efficiency

Our flexible selection of controls ensures optimal performance and energy economy by integrating smoothly with your hot water system and thermostat. Say goodbye to cold spots and hello to even warmth across your room with our state-of-the-art underfloor heating and warm water underfloor heating options.

Outstanding Outcomes through Teamwork and advanced thermostat integration. and advanced thermostat integration.

At HiPro Heating, teamwork is the foundation of our strategy, ensuring that each installation, whether it's underfloor heating or radiator systems, meets the highest standards. Through close collaboration with architects, primary contractors, and direct clients, we guarantee that every project, whether it involves water underfloor heating systems or radiators, produces outstanding outcomes that go above and beyond expectations. Our staff is dedicated to providing outstanding service and pleasure from conception to installation.


Change your area right now.

Are you prepared to reach new heights of comfort with a tailored thermostat system? Make an appointment with HiPro Heating right now to start the process of turning your room into a cosy, opulent retreat, optimised with an advanced thermostat. With our top-notch wet underfloor heating systems in Leeds, let us completely transform your heating experience.

NU Heat's Underfloor heating systems, often known as UFHs, are a terrific way to heat your house and can be installed under most kinds of flooring.

Warm water is circulated across the floor by a network of pipes connected to your boiler in an underfloor heating system, which uses water to heat the area.


"Proudly providing skilled underfloor heating installations

in Leeds."

For warmth and comfort in your house, go with Hipro Heating."

zoned underfloor heating manifold
underfloor heating pipes layout
  • How long does it take to warm up
    Is underfloor heating faster than radiators at warming up rooms? Retrofit underfloor heating installed on top of the floor heats up quickly, comparable to a radiator system. UFH installed within a screed may take longer to heat up initially, but it holds its heat for a longer period of time and is readily adjusted to produce the appropriate amount of heat when needed.
  • How is it controlled
    The way you control your UFH is determined by the sort of system you have. Screed UFH is typically left on with a temperature setback. This allows the concrete slab to function as a thermal store, avoiding extended heat up times and lowering operating expenses. Retrofit UFH heats and cools quickly, allowing it to be controlled more like a radiator system.
  • Is additional insulation required
    As with any heating system, a poorly insulated home will require more energy to remain warm. We would always advocate enhancing insulation whenever possible, as it contributes to a more efficient system with lower operating costs. Because downward heat loss is negligible when retrofitting underfloor heating, it is sometimes unnecessary to add insulation to a concrete surface. If, on the other hand, you are putting UFH over a suspended timber floor with a space beneath it, insulation is definitely necessary. To ensure the system's performance, we take into account your property's construction, insulation, and glazing levels while creating your bespoke UFH system.
  • How is my underfloor heating installed
    Underfloor heating is typically installed by a plumber or a Nu-Heat Registered Installer like HiPro, but because our manuals are extensive, some DIYers choose to install the majority of the system themselves, with signoff from a licenced plumber and electrician. The installation procedure varies based on the system.
  • How much does underfloor heating cost
    This is determined by the size of the property and the best underfloor heating system for the project. Underfloor heating is approximately 25% more energy efficient than radiators and can save you money on your heating bills.
  • What floor coverings can I install
    Most floor coverings, including carpet, tiles, engineered wood, vinyl, and laminate flooring, can be used with underfloor heating. If you are unsure, consult with your flooring supplier.
  • Is underfloor heating safe
    Because exposed hot surfaces are concealed and dust traps are removed, underfloor heating is safer and healthier than radiators. They provide a controlled and comfortable heat source, reducing draughts and chilly spots in your home.
  • How many killowatts do I need for my underfloor heating
    The amount of energy consumed is determined by a number of factors, including the size of your property, insulation levels, and the type of underfloor heating system you install. We use cutting-edge software to ensure that your UFH is energy efficient.
  • Do I have to dig up the floor to install the underfloor heating system
    No. You don't have to dig up your floorboards to install UFH if you're renovating! There are numerous systems and installation choices available, including low profile overlay solutions like as Nu Heat LoPro® line. These are simply laid over existing solid or wood flooring. The system can then be covered with tiles or laminate of your choice.
  • Can underfloor heating be fitted along with heat pumps
    Because heat pumps and underfloor heating function best at lower temperatures, they can be utilised together successfully. We provide air source and ground source heat pumps that can be completely incorporated into your underfloor heating system.
  • Can underfloor be better than a radiator system
    Depending on the type of property, UFH can entirely replace radiators or function alongside them. Underfloor heating is 25% more energy efficient than radiators and is appropriate for new construction. UFH can be installed on all floors of your renovated home.
  • How long do the parts last
    Our UFH tubes come with a 50-year product warranty, with the first 10 years insurance backed to cover any remedial works. Underfloor heating manifolds have a 10-year warranty, while electrical and plumbing components have 2-year warranty.
  • Can the system leak
    The system is extremely unlikely to leak. Our Fastflo® heating tube is sturdy and long-lasting, and it is made in accordance with the highest European Industry Standards. This is covered by a 50-year warranty, with the first ten years insurance-backed, covering the full cost of any corrective work and restoration in the extremely unlikely case of a manufacturing fault. We also build systems so that the tube only ever connects at the manifold, with no joints under the floor, ensuring that there are no weak areas where leaks might occur.

The benefits of underfloor heating

  1. Even Heat Distribution: UFHs deliver steady and uniform heating across the whole floor, eliminating the chilly areas that come with typical radiators.

  2. Energy Efficiency: UFHs work at lower temperatures than traditional heating systems, making them more energy efficient. Hydronic systems, in particular, can be extremely efficient when combined with new condensing boilers or heat pumps.

  3. Comfort: The floor's even heat distribution creates a better living environment. Warm floors are particularly attractive in bathrooms and kitchens.

  4. Space Saving: UFHs conserve space by eliminating the need for old fashioned wall-mounted radiators, allowing for more versatile interior design and furniture layout.

  5. Health Benefits: UFHs minimise air movement and the circulation of dust and allergens, aiding persons with allergies or respiratory disorders. They also keep floors dry, which prevents mould and mildew growth.

  6. Silent Operation: UFHs operate silently, unlike some traditional heating systems that can produce noise.

  7. Low Maintenance: Once installed, UFHs require little maintenance, which adds to their long-term cost effectiveness.

  8. Zonal Heating: UFHs offer zonal heating, which allows you to control the temperature of various rooms independently, increasing energy efficiency and comfort.

  9. Aesthetic Appeal: Because there are no visible radiators or heating units, UFHs make the interior space cleaner and more aesthetically pleasant.

Applications of UFHs

UFHs are versatile and can be used in various settings, including:

  • Residential homes

  • Commercial buildings

  • Bathrooms and kitchens

  • New construction and renovations

In summary, UFHs offer an efficient, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing heating solution, making them an attractive option for modern building projects.

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